Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stripper You've Sinned by Carter Brown

Late 1956 Horwitz Edition
Mark Whitman, a criminal lawyer, meets a blonde at a party. In the conversation he is invited to her birthday party. He does not find out who she is until the next day. He falls asleep at the party and finds her invitation. She, the blonde is none other that Theresa Van Clune. Her father is some big shot oil millionaire. Theresa is kidnapped and Mark gets the job to get her back. Meanwhile, Mark is hired by The Big Wheel to find a guy by the name of Waldo Malone. Mr Malone got out of the State Pen and was heading into town and The Big Wheel wanted to talk to him. Mark does not want to play but Big Joe does some roughing up. So the oil millionaire wants Mark to find his daughter, persuaded with money. The Big Wheel wanted him to find a guy persuaded by the butt of a gun owned by Big Joe. It would have been simple if the kidnapping was real the first time and fake the second. Cops wanted Mark for murder and Big Joe wanted him to murder. In the end Mark finds out who The Big Wheel is. Stripper You've Sinned was the last Horwitz title published in 1956 and was the reprint of Strip Without Tease that was published in 1954.


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