Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cutie Wins A Corpse by Carter Brown

When Danny Boyd judges a bikini contest, even murder comes dressed in curves
1957 Horwitz Edition
Private eye Danny Boyd gets to judge a bikini contest to select Miss Mermaid from 30 of the most exciting swimsuit fillings that ever pounded adrenalin through his veins. He was narrowing down his choices, but he could not figure out why he is being paid two thousand dollars to judge the contest. Two gorillas made his social life threatening, beaten up twice. Danny finds out just how far when Number 26 makes her second appearance. This time she is clad in the most daring swimsuit Danny had ever seen. A nifty little number which leaves nothing to imagination, worn that is. It was twisted around the blonde's pretty throat. Seems she turned his date into murder. Cutie Wins A Corpse was published in 1957 in Horwitz's Numbered Series as #52. This title was also revised and published again under the title Graves, I Dig! in 1960 in Australia and in the United States.

1st Signet Printing                                  3rd Signet Printing

Printing History

As Cutie Wins A Corpse 
Numbered Series #52 (1957)

As Graves, I Dig!
NA Series #25 (1960)
Long Story Magazine #14 (Sept 1960)

New American Library
Signet Books
1st Printing #1801 (Apr 1960)
3rd Printing #5271 (1972)

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