Friday, April 22, 2011

Murder In The Harem Club by Carter Brown

Extravagant Parties
Gorgeous Slave Girls &

Horwitz Reprint
With extravagant parties beyond his wildest dream and gorgeous 'slave girls' prepared to carry out his every wish, Rick Holman should have been only too pleased to spend a thousand and one nights in the atmosphere of the Harem Club. But the set-up was shattered by a vicious gangster, the death of the girl no one would discuss, and the gun in Rick's hand.

Signet Printing
Girls were Carter Stanton's stock and trade. He was the publisher of Sultan Magazine, a monthly extravaganza devoted to a spectacular display of the female form. He was the propietor of The Harem, a select key club that specialized in hostesses to suit very man's fancy. Girls were Stanton's beck and call. Life for him was one wild and wonderful party until the killer tried to crash the party.

Hortwitz Edition

Printing History

Horwtiz Publications Inc
Numbered Series #100 1962
International Edition Series #37 1963

New American Library
Signet Books
S2140 June 1962
D3704  1968
Covers by Robert McGinnis

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