Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Devil's Dozen by Martin Cruz Smith

Nick Carter is on the toughest assignment of his career. Infiltrate the American Mafia, destroy their drug routes and the men who run them.

Tandem Edition

The Devil's Dozen.....An opium smuggler, a cheap hired gun, a homicidal psychopath, a pair of terrified informers, the kingpin of the New York Mafia, his daughter (as beautiful as she is promiscuous), a cop on the take, a hard-nosed syndicate killer, and three corrupt politicians. One of the is playing a lethal game of double-cross. He's really Nick Carter, the ruthless AXE agent assigned to smash the billion-dollar drug traffic between Turkey and America.
Award Edition
Printing History
Written by Martin Cruz Smith

Award #1133 1973
Tandem 426 14357 1974

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