Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Liquidator by Richard Hubbard

Alex Zenopolis, formerly of Greek Intelligence, will personally contact US agents in Greece within a week or so. Time and place to follow.

Universal Edition
The assignment seemed relatively simple. Nick Carter was to fly to Athens, hire a car and spend a few days nosing around the boat yards along the coast. At Pirgos he would pick up Alex's sister, Christina, then rent a sailing boat for a short cruise to Corfu. There he would contact Alex Zenopolis.

Tandem Edition
But the simplest assignments have a way of developing into deadly games. At all cost, he must stop a series of guerrilla attacks planned by the Vietcong, and the only person Nick Carter can trust is himself.

Award Edition
Printing History
Written by Richard Hubbard

Award AN1127 1973
Charter 1978
Tandem 426 14074 1974
Universal 426 14074 unkn

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