Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Seductress by Carter Brown

One look at her and Danny Boyd knew that a blonde with her kind of eyes would be...murder!!!

Horwitz Edition 
 Through the half-open bedroom door Danny Boyd glimpsed a gorgeous pair of legs. One neatly clad in sheer nylon and a high-heeled shoe, the other naked and barefoot. He walked in and saw the blonde lying on the bed. She was everything the first tantalizing view had promised. Sultry. Seductive. Scintillating. And they were alone together. Only one thing was wrong. Now he knew the reason for her one bare leg. Someone had wrapped the missing nylon tight around her pretty throat.

Robert McGinnis Cover
A beautiful blonde runaway: Her big-wheel uncle finally checked out her ID, in the morgue.
A statuesque brunette: She'd fallen hard for an ex-movie idol who threw the wildest parties in plush Santo Bahia.

A magnificent redhead: She was just what Danny Boyd had been looking for. And she played him for a sucker.

Before he finds out who has organized him into a neat murder frame, debonair Danny Boyd, the tough private eye with the super ego, is provoked into dangerous fun and games with guns and dames. And uncovers a dope scandal that's a killer!

Signet Double

Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
Numbered Series #95 1961
International Edition Series #31 1963
Horwitz Double Edition #11A 1982

New American Library
Signet Books
as The Sad-Eyed Seductress
S2023 November 1961
P4246 1970
Signet Double May 1982

Not sure when the title was changed. But maybe two different titles used one for each country

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