Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rendezvous With Dead Men

First off this in not a Nick Carter Killmaster Adventure. I picked this up on EBay recently and will read it. This title was published in 1948 by Vital Publications Inc.

1948 Vital Publications
Dead men held the secret. Even Nick Carter could not find a motive for the string of murders that started with the sudden, anguished gasps of Jonathon Wainwright as he lay dying. What link was there between the death of this distinguished gentleman in his beautiful study, and the bloated corpse found later on in a flooded underground tunnel? How did the ruthless crew of a Portuguese pirate ship come to be involved in the private affairs of one of America's oldest families? And what connection was there between the unknown map of the island, treasured and concealed by generations of Wainwrights, and the beautiful model of the clipper ship that old Jonathon was working on when the dread dagger found its mark deep in his back.

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