Friday, April 1, 2011

Strike Force Terror by Ralph Eugene Hayes

A master criminal who ranks as number one on Nick Carter's death list

A Turkish double agent who hires himself out as an assassin for the KGB.

A renowned scientist who is both weapon and victim of a bizarre kidnap plot.

Tandem Edition

They played leading parts in a lethal spy puzzle Nick Carter Killmaster had to solve. Every step pf the way was steeped in blood. From the assassin's bullet that crushed the skull of the terrified informer to the sadistic torture meted out of the special prisoners in a Turkish jail. Nick Carter knew only one way to fight this pattern of violence, with more of the same.

2nd Award Printing
The free world's most important scientists were disappearing without a trace. Then AXE discovered a vital clue: the identity of the next victim. He was a noted bio-chemist locked up in a Turkish jail. If all went well, the chemist would be kidnapped from prison and sent behind the Iron Curtain. His final destination would be a slave labor camp of very special horrors. Nick Carter's assignment was to rescue the bio-chemist disguised as Celik Sezak, Ankara's most sadistic agent. Nick was ordered to go to the Turkish jail, release the scientist and run. Easy? It could have been. But the scientist refused to leave so Nick had to follow him to Russia, and then escape.

Printing History

Award Series
AN1056 1972
AQ1298 1974

Tandem Series
426 12810 1973

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