Monday, April 18, 2011

Walk Softly, Witch by Carter Brown

Horwitz Publications issued this title in two slight variations. One with main character Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler and the other with New York private eye Danny Boyd.

 Walk Softly Witch!
Eve, Its Extortion
The Victim

With Al Wheeler
He was less than a grand husband alive and worth more than fifty grand, dead!

Horwitz Edition
Three dolls and one corpse.
One was a merry widow with a new lease on life when her husband expired.
One was a luscious skip-tracer whose curves turned up in some unsavory joints.
One was a gorgeous receptionist who snapped to attention when a big girdle manufacturer purred.

Signet 1st printing

One or all of them knew whether it was an accident or a murder that converted a footloose husband into a rest-in-concrete corpse. And it's up to Lieutenant Al Wheeler to come up with an answer, fast!

Signet 3rd Printing
Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
As Eve, Its Extortion
Numbered Series #40 1957
As Walk Softly Witch!
Numbered  Series #75 1959
Long Story Magazine #6 April 1960
International Edition Series #7 1961

New American Library
Signet Books
As The Victim
#1633 March 1959
D2606 1964


Walk Softly, Witch
So Deadly Sinner!

With Danny Boyd

Introducing Danny Boyd
Barye Cover

A cue for murder. Danny Boyd's the name. He is a New York private eye and he will do anything for a fast buck or a fast dame. His first client is  a brunette actress with lust lines and loads of cash. She is willing to pay plenty to have her husband stashed away in a cozy sanitarium and she needs  Danny's help. The trouble comes when her clever little script clears the stage for murder.

Horwitz Edition
Danny Boyd's the name. It makes women quiver and gangsters quake. And it always spells curtains for a killer.

Robert McGinnis Cover
Danny tricks the husband into playing the part of  a homicidal maniac for a psychiatrist and the actor does such a good job that he wins a padded cell. The drama reaches an unexpected climax when the actor escapes. Two corpses make their entrance and Danny finds himself billed as the villain. A villain who is scheduled to die before the final curtain.

Signet Edition
Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
As So Deadly Sinner!
Numbered Series #76 1959
International Edition Series #6 1961
International Edition Series #43 1964

New American Library
Signet Books
#1663 May 1959
#1663 May 1959 Canada
G2459 March 1964
G2459 Canada
T5394 1973

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