Thursday, April 14, 2011

Assassination Brigade by Thomas Chastain

Award Edition

Where did it begin, this 24-hour communications blackout that nearly triggered World War III.
Why has one of Europe's most respected banking combines declared bankruptcy, its billions vanished into thin air?
What has caused the terrifying series of plane crashes throughout the world, deliberately engineered by pilots who, against their will, became instruments of their own deaths?
How have the top security secrets of the earth's most powerful countries suddenly leaked into enemy camps, as if minds were bring read?
Who is behind the series of near-assassinations of world figures by unlikely killers who then commit suicide?

Tandem Edition

Printing History
Written by Thomas Chastain

Award AN1121 April 1973
Award AQ1456 May 1975

Tandem 426 14066 1974

Charter 1981

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