Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Temptress by Carter Brown

She's a saucy seductress worth three million dollars
A good catch for a killer.

Ron Lesser Cover
Murder is just a pretty word to:

The teen-age heiress who prefers ex-cons to college boys.

The society mother who wants the police to lock up her wayward daughter on a morals charge.

The millionaire who buys the favors of high-school girls.

The piano player who runs a profitable business on the side.

But to Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler murder means business. Dirty business. One of this lethal crew bashed in the skull of a peeping private eye and Al is out for blood. A killer's blood!

Signet Edition
Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
Numbered Series #87 1960
Long Story Magazine #16 November 1960
International Edition Series #19 1962

New American Library
Signet Books
S1817 July 1960
S2898 1966

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