Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Agent Counter-Agent by Ralph Eugene Hayes

"We Will Bury You"

The communist threat had never seemed so real!. AXE had barely assigned Nick Carter to his new mission when the message came from 'the spoilers'. They were threatening to deal a blow to American intelligence influence. It was clearly a job for  Nick Carter Killmaster, the most lethal of his career. For AXE's top agent was destined to play the lead in the diabolical plot.

Award Edition
What has they done to him? Had they really turned AXE's most valuable agent against the very powers he was sworn to protect? It was  not until Nick came under the spell of the sensuous Russian operative that he began to understand how he was being used. But was it too late? Did his mind already belong to the KGB?

Tandem Edition
Printing History
Written by Ralph Eugene Hayes

Award AN1147 July 1973
Award AQ 1477 May 1975

Tandem 426 14349 1975

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