Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Code by Larry Powell

It was a brutal killing. among the bullet-torn bodies lay Abruze, possessed of valuable information on the opium fields in Indochina, and living on a generous retirement from the Mafia, for services rendered. Another body belonged to an important AXE agent.

Universal Edition
The only lead was a terrified girl. who knew more than she was willing to admit, and less than her pursuers required. After her were a group of undisciplined thugs who would stop at nothing: the Mafia with Communist dealings and big money at stake, and Nick Carter. A desperate chase was on. To whomever reached her first it was a matter of life and death.

Award Edition
Fear and silence greeted Nick as he opened the doors leading to every girl in the little black book. The dirty black book that Moose had dropped on their first violent meeting. Nick was traveling incognito, but they all knew him, they all expected hi, and they all tried to buy off him with the tricks of the trade. Beautiful girls with exotic specialties, willing to give him the answers to his questions about Moose and Susan. They came on with love and soft words, and a look of terror in their eyes. So Nick plunged deeper into the sewers of stale flesh and Las Vegas neon, until he hit the bottom of the porno underground. And he learned the rock-hard truth about the only women he had ever loved.

Tandem Edition

Printing History
Written by Larry Powell

Award AN1146 1973
Tandem 426 14330 1974
Universal 426 14330 unkn

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