Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hour Of The Wolf by Jeffrey Wallman

The semi-savage white wolf with a deadly nuclear secret buried beneath his pelt.
This was Nick Carter's new assignment.

Star Edition
Just tracking down the cunning, starving animal in the treacherous Yugoslav mountains made for an impossible mission. But there were also the human problems.The wolf's dead master, AXE's agent in Yugoslavia, who had hidden his last and most urgent message under the fur of his deadly pet. The agents beautiful. fierce widow, who discovered the wolf's terrifying secret just one day too late to help Nick.

Tandem Edition  
The brutal guerrilla leader, fighting a little-known barbaric war of freedom behind the Iron Curtain, playing East against West in a lethal gamble. And the unknown and very dangerous traitor who seemed to know every step Nick could make, just before he made them.

Award Edition
Printing History
Written by Jeffrey Wallman

Award AN1157 August 1973
Award AQ1387 July 1974
Award AQ1387 August 1975
Tandem  426 15712 1975
Star 352 30469 1979

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