Monday, April 4, 2011

Code Name: Werewolf by Martin Cruz Smith

Werewolf received first payment.
More money on execution.
No reason for doubt-successful in all other assassinations.
Now F must die..traitor F must die.

Universal Edition
The torn scrap of paper was found in the debris of a plane crash near Spain. When the macabre message was finally deciphered, it turned out to be a shocker. Somebody was going to kill Franco, the ruler of Spain. A professional assassin, code-named Werewolf, had the job. That is why Spanish intelligence called on Nick Carter.

Award 2nd Printing
Nick's assignment was to put himself in the assassin's place. Think, plot, move with the cunning brutality of a professional killer. A killer stalking an impossible prey. Do what the Werewolf would do, but stay one step ahead of him all the time.

Tandem Edition

Printing History
Written by Martin Cruz Smith

Award Series
AN1055 January 1973
AQ1329 September 1974

Tandem Series
Tandem 426 12802 1973
Universal 426 12802 Unknown Date

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