Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Target: Doomsday Island by Richard Hubbard

Somewhere in the penthouse of the posh Dubloon Hotel in the Bahamas, an aging billionaire throws intimate pot and sex parties. If he were only a rich man with strange tastes, the U.S. Government would never get involved. But he is also a man who knows too much about a top-secret missile system. A twisted personality who chills the marrow of the Pentagon.

2nd Award Printing

Nick Carter's job is to join the billionaires frenzied parties. Think fast, mover faster, and find out what's wrong and stop it at any cost! But even for AXE's top Killmaster that will not be easy. Not in a luxury playground that hides a brutal trail of perversity, treachery, and violence.

Tandem Edition
Printing History
Written by Richard Hubbard

Award AN1075 February 1973
Award AQ1414 January 1975

Tandem 426 13477 1974

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