Monday, August 29, 2011

Deadly Doubles by Larry Van Gelder

Their business is death and it is Nick Carter's job to stop them!

George Gross Cover
A League of Blood!
From a bizarre death camp in Java to the teeming streets of Djakarta. From a Beirut prison cell to the glittering casinos of Europe. Nick Carter "Killmaster" tracks the leader of the New Alliance, whose business is death and whose goal is the extermination of millions. The Pan-Arab Protection Society and The Black Dragon Society have joined forces with The Butcher Boy of Belsen in a desperate struggle to strangle the world economy. Two beautiful young women are mercilessly killed, Arab oil sheiks are mysteriously slain, with the weapons of Nick Carter. As a fierce nationalist Japanese plots a vendetta against Nick. One false step and a tidal wave of hate will be unleashed against the world!

Star Edition
Printing History
Written by Larry Van Gelder

Award AD1695 (May 1977) (Cancelled)
Charter 441 14163 (September 1978)
Star 352 30578 (1980)

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