Monday, August 22, 2011

Under The Wall by DeWitt S Copp

The Berlin Wall
A Blockade To Freedom

The Students, upset about pres reports of West Berliners profiteering from escapees, had an altruistic plan to aid their eastern compatriots.

The Assassin knew how to use the idealism of the students and maintain his professional status. He was an expert at bloody assassinations and did not care who paid him as long as the money was there.

Nick Carter knew what would happen if the U.S. President was blown away. Detente would explode in worldwide disaster.

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by DeWitt S. Copp

Award AD 1673 (March 1977) (Cancelled)
Charter 441 84499 (July 1978)
Star 352 31146 (1982)

This cover is the first painted by George Gross (1909-2003). Most reprints up until August 1979 were old Award covers that were recycled. This title was slated to be published by Award in March 1977.

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