Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Gallagher Plot by Saul Wernick

Nick Carter is in the middle of a very dirty business deal: The payoff could be death! 
Terrorists pull off a kidnapping and the ransom demand is millions in top secret arms.

George Gross Cover
They could turn the Emerald Isle into a sea of blood!

Gallagher: A fanatic nationalist is hell bent on getting the most advanced weaponry for his civil war. He'd kidnap, torture, and murder to get what he wants.
Marat: The gangster son of a powerful Syndicate head. He was helpless when his daughter was kidnapped for $2.5 million. He vowed revenge and he did nit care who was the bloody target. 
Brenna: Her weapon was her body and she gave it willingly and expertly fir the cause of her strife torn country.
Mavropoulos: International arms dealer, a snake in gentleman's clothes. He would put any weapon up for sale, and the spoils to the highest bidder.

Award Edition
Printing History
Written by Saul Wernick

Award AD 1647 (19760
Charter 441 27244 (1979)

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