Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Race of Death by David Hagberg

The course is set for terrorist intrigue at The Grand Prix!

UK Edition
Q: When should Nick Carter "Killmaster" N3 accept a routine assignment as bodyguard to a VIP?

A: When the VIP is the President of the United States. A charismatic diplomat embarked on a world wide peace mission. And when a highly organized terrorist gang is hell bent on all out war!

Two assignation attempt have been foiled. But they were just distraction tactics. These radical thugs are pros and they are determined to eliminate the President, unless Nick Carter gets the answers to some sticky questions:

Has the President's son been seduced by an underground movement?

Will the petty jealous of Chief of Security Derek Stone get in the Nick's way? Or is Stone's careerism just a front for a more sinister motive?

And what is the significance of the tiny red tattoo that marks the assassins?

The President is in Spa, Belgium for the Grand Prix! and time is running short. There is only one route left, and Nick has to get behind the wheel of a speeding Porsche to succeed!

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by David Hagberg

Charter Books 
441 70270 (October 1978)

Star Books
352 30725 (1982)

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