Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Silken Nightmare by Carter Brown

Her name was Midnight.
She was dangerous, delicious, just like a dream.
The kind where you wake up screaming.

Robert McGinnis Cover
"If you can resist me, you are a free man."
Midnight was as deadly as a black widow with the mating urge. Her raven hair danced over her bare white shoulders as her body twisted and taunted in sinuous invitation. Danny Boyd, toughest private eye in the business, nearly lost the dare. A split second before be belted her in the jaw. The reigning queen of the hoods plans a big crime, and in big time. When she take Danny prisoner.

Signet Photo Cover
Printing History

Horwitz Publications
Numbered Series #115 (1963)
International Edition Series #47 (1965)

New American Library
Signet Books
G2400 (December 1963)
T5277 (1972)

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