Saturday, August 20, 2011

Revenge Of The Generals by Saul Wernick

Arena of Death

Four power-mad generals, an engineering genius, a beautiful astrophysicist, and an aristocratic Spaniard caught Nick Carter "Killmaster" in a deadly trap. Their diabolical plot brought the world to its knees....

Star Edition
One by one the letters came. Each warning of an impending airliner disaster. Soon after each letter a jumbo jet would crash from the sky in a hideous orgy of destruction. The world was shocked by the carnage. Nick was the final hope. But could he escape in time to halt the ultimate weapon of death.

Four doddering generals with money and power to get what they wanted......revenge!

El General Felipe Quintero was descended from the Conquistadors, but he had been badly hurt by strafing German planes in the 1930's. On his ranch in Spain he plotted............................

Major-General Emilien Gignoux received a stunning blow during WW II when ground strafing planes almost wiped out his infantry troops. He never received another command. He remembered and was ready...........

Lieutenant-General  Aleksei Akimov's tanks were blown out of action is first day in the Ukraine and he was lucky not to be put in front of a Soviet firing squad. He could not forget the humiliation...........

Colonel-General Otto Schneider's trucks and armored personnel carriers could not move for three days because of American fighter-bombers. It was too late when he could. His grudge has grown and festered...

They pooled their resources and got the best brain to assuage their long-wounded dignity. And the harrowing terror campaign against the skies began.... Could Nick Carter outmaneuver them...?

Award Cover
Printing History
Written by Saul Wernick
Award AD1664 (February 1977)
Charter 441 71834 (June 1978)
Star 352 30440 (1979)

Revenge Of  The Generals was to be published by Award Books in February 1977, but was cancelled when Award folded in January. Charter Books picked up the series in 1978.

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