Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Nichovev Plot by Craig Nova

Soviet Premier Kidnapped!
Nick's mission is to find him before detente turns to wholesale murder!

Charter Reprint
Pravda screamed for war. The CIA and the FBI were helpless. AXE had one lead: a telegram that said Nichovev would be executed in four days, signed "The Great Mother, Who is Death, and the Old Man of the Mountains, who is her Deputy on Earth." Nick Carter had little time to locate the headquarters of an international organization of death-worshiping occultist who, behind the smokescreen of comparative religion, practices human sacrifice. They killed for one reason: they worshiped death and were addicted to it. 

Now they were prepared a high priority offering. Their habit was growing so they devised a scheme for starting war by assassinating the Soviet Premier!

Printing History
Written by Craig Nova

Award AD1623 1976
Charter 441-57435 1978

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