Thursday, August 4, 2011

A High Yield In Death by Jim Bowser

Nick Carter's mission was to hunt down and destroy the brutal Albanian who was the world's most deadliest assassin.

What is the link between ..........

Creighton Davies
The Canadian millionaire whose favorite charities were the most violent political extremists.

Mike Kaplan
The New York manufacturer who made the insane single-handed attempt on the millionaire's life.

Lil Chan Lee
Davies' very beautiful and very private secretary, who kept turning up when Nick Carter least expected her, in his bed.

Lothar Camaj
The Albanian killer who was trying to infiltrate Davies' entourage.

The link between the Albanian secret service and the eccentric millionaire would draw Nick Carter "Killmaster" into a labyrinth of betrayal and violence.

Printing History
Written by Jim Bowser

Award AQ1609 1976

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