Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Jade-Eyed Jungle by Carter Brown

The script called for a kiss........of death!

A sexy redhead from Rome was headed for stardom. 

Nothing could stop her......but a bullet.

Robert McGinnis Cover
Curvaceous movie starlet Carola Russo has trouble staying inside her bikini. And she finds it equally difficult to keep her hands of her leading man. When the two run off to a hideaway in the Hollywood hills, movie trouble shooter Rick Holman lands the job of keeping the item out of the papers. Then someone starts pumping bullets into the stars' loves nest and Rick finds he has been hired to cover up a torrid scandal that has all the makings of a red hot murder!

Signet Reprint

Printing History

Horwitz Publications
as The Jade-Eyed Jinx
Numbered Series  #112 (1963)
International Edition Series #45 (1964)
New American Library
Signet Books
G2355 (September 1963)
T5167 (1972)

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