Friday, August 26, 2011

The Ebony Cross by Jack Canon

A routine defection explodes in a bloody confrontation.

Star Edition
When death garbles a coded message, Nick Carter discovers an international double-cross.

It started out as a routine defection and the exit plan seemed airtight. Since scientist Hans Metzger had supposedly solved the cost factor of an alternative energy source. AXE agreed to send Nick to Budapest to direct the escape of Metzger and his beautiful daughter. Then the bodies started dropping, and Nick Carter knew his cover had been blown by someone he trusted. But who was the double agent so close to him? And what was the meaning of the words "ebony cross"? Why did every agent in Europe think agent N3 knew the answer? Killmaster needed the answers to stay alive!

George Gross Cover
Printing History
Written by Jack Canon

Award AD1683 (April 1977) (Cancelled)
Charter 441-18270 (August 1978)
Star 352-30399 (1979)

This title was to be published by Award in April 1977 but was cancelled when Award folded.

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