Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Plot For The Fourth Reich by Bob Latona

Nick Carter combats an ex-Nazi's incredible plot to take over the hemisphere! 

Award Edition
South American Pipeline of Death
It began with the brutal slaying of a reporter who moved in too close/ And the kidnapping of his pretty Latin informant. The CIA and FBI people knew it was too complex for them. So they called Nick Carter, AXE Killmaster N3. The target was Steyer, an ex-Nazi with mad dreams of conquest. What dreaded secret did Steyer hold? What could be so secret, so sinister, that he hid it in a billion dollar narcotics ring? Following the trail of corpses from one end of South America to the other, from Buenos Aires to Columbia, Nick Carter had to solve this riddle. Finally, in a pitched battle that saw U.S. Marines, the CIA, FBI, the Cuban navy, and the kingpin of Soviet intelligence pitted against each other, Nick Carter had to negotiate the murderous crossfire and try to bring in Steyer alive.

Printing History
Written by Bob Latona

Award AD1655 (1977)

Award Books folds in January 1977. Thus the Nick Carter Killmaster Series was halted. Nick Carter was the bread and butter for Award Books.

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