Thursday, August 11, 2011

Triple Cross by Dennis Lynds

It all began as a favor by American AXE to British MI-5.
A routine hit that explodes into an epidemic of assassinations.

Award Edition


Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia....three neighbors with allegiances to three different super powers! Very few ever get across that three way border alive. But it's sometimes said that the balance of world power depends on what happens in that no-man's land, where rugged mountains hide the local bandits and make perfect snipers nests for the crack border guards.........

Nick Carter had to cross all three borders, twice. It all began as a routine hit, a favor for British MI-5. It was less than routine when Nick discovered a traitor high up in the American Embassy in Athens. And it wasn't routine at all when that incident turned into an epidemic of political assassinations, spreading from Greece, to England, to America!
Charter Edition
Printing History
Written by Dennis Lynds

Award AD1636 1976
Charter 441 82407 1980

Triple Cross was based on an old Shadow manuscript.

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