Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Miss From S.I.S. by Bob Tralins

The Miss From S.I.S.

She's the swingin'est secret agent that ever changed into something more than a trench coat!

A sweet, simple, home-loving type who can whip up an explosive device the way other girls whip up souffle.

Between them , Mother Nature and Grandma Whistler have fitted her out with an astonishing arsenal of equipment that begins with an incredible perfect body (courtesy of Mother Nature) and ends with an absolutely paralyzing kiss (from Grandma Whistler). From head to toe, she is feminine allure raised to the nth power which is why she is know as The Venus Spy Trap!

Her assignment: Uncover a sinister plot to establish a dictatorial monarchy in Washington D.C. The President was about to made king, unless The Miss from S.I.S. could beat him to the throne!

Printing History

Belmont B50-704 
August 1966

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