Monday, August 1, 2011

The Sign Of The Prayer Shawl by David Hagberg

Within 48 hours, airliners will crash into the  world's major financial centers...unless Nick Carter can stop Shintu's men.

Award Edition
When honor is at stake, death is the only solution!
As Nick Carter watched helplessly , an AXE agent from Japan died a violent death in the fourth major air disaster in less than three months. Did agent Nashima know who or what was responsible for the terrifying series of hijackings and flaming death in the air? Did the agent's beautiful sister in Tokyo have anything to do with it?. Nick's only clues were the words "Aki Shintu", some white prayer shawls, and a trail of bodies. Could it be that Nashima had discovered a secret so important that hundreds of innocent people had to be killed to keep one man from telling it?

Charter Reprint
Printing History
Written by David Hagberg

Award AQ 1590 1976
Charter 441 76355 1978

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