Friday, December 3, 2010

Bid The Babe Bye-Bye by Carter Brown

Steve Morgan is the title character in this Carter Brown tale. Morgan is sent to Wakeville to pay off a blackmailer. Wakeville was a nice, quiet, and friendly small town until he picked up the blonde. She shows him the sites of the town but forgot to tell him about her boyfriend. The boyfriend was a bad tempered giant. Then the original guy disappears and Steve finds a corpse in his  hotel room. The local law decides he is the murderer until a smart layer springs Morgan right into trouble. The trouble is the silver blonde journalist whose figure is news all year round. Now if Morgan can stay alive....

Cover Photograph by David Franklin

Bid The Babe Bye-Bye is 26th in the Carter Brown Numbered Series published by Horwitz in 1956.

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