Friday, December 3, 2010

Meet Murder My Angel by Carter Brown

Twenty five years ago, Sam 'Rock' Stone defended a little hunch-backed hood called Frankie Demarco. Frankie got twenty five years in jail, now he is out. He is out long enough to get a message to Mike, his son about his inheritance, then Frankie gets himself murdered. So the main character is Mike Stone and his inheritance is a map of a part of a coast with a lighthouse and some trees. Mike did not know there was another part of the map until a lady by the name of Rosie stuck a gun in Mike's back. Rosie had a stake in the map as did a guy called Mr Emile. It was not until a couple of corpses crossed Mike's path that he learned the map was worth $5 million and his father did not die by his own hand. All this led Mike into trouble and down to the cliff where Frankie hid the dough. Mike was standing on the edge of doom...

Cover Photograph by David Franklin
Meet Murder My Angel was published by Horwtiz in 1956 and is the 23rd entry in the Numbered Series.

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