Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blonde, Bad, And Beautiful by Carter Brown

Lady-killer Andy Kane is propositioned by two adventuresses with lovely smiles, lethal bodies, and a treasure map....where X marks the spot. 

1957 Horwitz Edition
She looked like a dream come true. Her silk-flowered sheath was skin tight, slit to the thigh. She was all dressed up for business...brunette, gorgeous, and greedy. Out of the Hong Kong night came two dangerous dames, one blonde, the other brunette, and approached Andy Kane with the same proposition. Each had a map of a sunken treasure in Kwan-Po Bay. Each wanted the tough and handsome American to take her through a Chinese patrol to the site of a lost fortune. It was up to Andy to decide whether he preferred blondes or brunettes, or staying alive. Too many people had big ideas about the treasure and some included murder.  Blonde, Bad, and Beautiful was number 47 in the numbered Series and was revised by Horwitz and reissued in 1962. The US edition retained the revised title and was published by New American Library in 1962 under the Signet imprint.

1962 Revised Horwitz Edition
2nd US Signet Printing

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