Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Korean Tiger by Manning Lee Stokes

It was just a routine case of murder. A clumsy hatchet job by an enraged husband on his nagging wife. The murdered fled with the FBI in pursuit. Until a check revealed the murderer worked for AXE with access to sensitive military information and for thirty years the guilty man was a clever enemy agent. Until AXE discovered that the Russian and Chinese were both on the trail to grab the man in possession of American atomic secrets. They would stop at nothing to get him. It was a job for Nick Carter. His orders were to mind the missing man and kill him fast, before the Russians and Chinese close in. The hunt led Nick across the underbelly of Asia, from exotic houses of pleasure to a guerrilla band's mountain hideout. This assignment was a terrifying in that America's existence depended on Nick Carter's success.

Printing History
Written by Manning Lee Stokes

1st Award (A248X) 1967
1st Tandem (T140) 1967
2nd Award (A248X) 1968
3rd Award (A634X) 1970
4th Award (AN1310) unknown


Award used the same book cover design for all printings and for the Tandem Edition. The 4th printing is a phantom of sorts. Looks like Award slapped on a sticker and reissued the 2nd printing. No mention of the 1310 book number on the fly sleeves.

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