Friday, December 24, 2010

A Corpse For Christmas by Carter Brown

Police Lt Al Wheeler comes down the chimney and finds hot tempers, hot chicks, and one warm corpse.

1965 Horwitz Edition
He was the death of the party. Right in the middle of the fun and games, Dean Carroll turns up dead under the bed. None of the guests really minded as he was an expert at spoiling things and the parties were the least of it. Almost anyone at the party could have killed him. About everyone wanted to and somebody did. It might have been: Toni, his beautiful wife, she hated him and would profit greatly by his death. Iris, the single blonde and his playmate until the game got too rough. And finally Janice, his fat and frowsy ex-mistress burning up at his brush off. It might have been any one of them who decided to play Santa Claus to give all of them a Christmas present of a lifetime...Dean Carroll's corpse.

May 1965  Signet                                    1974 Second printing

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