Monday, December 13, 2010

The Bright Blue Death by Nicholas Browne

The Bright Blue Death is Nicholas Browne's last Killmaster adventure before he disappeared. This title is also the 30th Nick Carter. They called themselves the Teutonic Knights, and they were neo-Nazis thirsting for revenge of the Fatherland. A half-mad genius was leading them with dreams of ruling the world. He has the means to destroy if if any one dared to resist. The first steps had already been taken. Carefully selected victims were dying from a mysterious painful disease. Each one vital to their countries survival. It was Nick Carter's job to destroy the madness. His success was riding on two sultry and sensuous women. One was scornful and a headstrong Swede who was supposed to be Nick's partner. The other was a treacherous amoral American who was his enemy.

The dwarf laughed, his body shaking with glee. He liked to see beautiful women tortured.
The giant with the mind of a child stared. He did not understand the terrible scene before him.
The girl was bored, her face betrayed no emotion. She had seen the scares and heard the screams too often.
The count was seething with rage. He was going to prolong the agony for a long time.

The setting was in a vast meeting hall of the Teutonic Knights. Before them on a table, lay a lovely blonde woman. Her eyes had fear in them. From head to her heart wires ran to a small control panel next to the count. The count turned to the big American at his side and said "Your next, Nick Carter."

Award and Tandem Editions

Printing History
Written by Nicholas Browne

1st Award (A277X) 1967
1st Tandem (T172) 1967
2nd Award (A277X) 1968
Tandem Reprint (426 12570 3) 1973
Charter Reprint (441 08015 4) Aug 1979

There is probably a 1969 and/or 1970 Award edition out there and maybe more.

Tandem Reprint
Charter Reprint


  1. hi do you have softcopy /e-book version of the book ?

  2. Hi Stephen
    All the scans on my blog are right out of my own collection that I have read in the past 30 years. If this title would ever be on e book, I would be all over it. Thanks for visiting.