Monday, December 27, 2010

Hood of Death by William L Rhodes

1969 2nd Award Printing
 Hood Of Death
Written by William L Rhodes

It was just another expensive call girl operation that catered to Washington's elite. Until AXE realized that too many of the high ranking customers were beginning to die. A senator. A cabinet officer. A congressman. Suddenly dead and all from natural causes.

It was one of Nick Carter's hottest assignments. It called for a false identity and lots of field work with the willing women in the dead men's lives. But each encounter ended with an attempt on Nick's life. The accident on the deserted highway, the bullet whizzing past his ear, the sharp-honed knife in the hands of a butchering assailant. The assignment was heating up.

Nick knew what he had to find. The Chinese agent behind the whole set up. The man who trained beautiful women into sex machines. The man who blackmailed top American officials into treason after the women finished with them. The man who killed those who refused to cooperate. Like Nick Carter.

1973 Award Edition

Printing History

1st Award (A326X) 1968
2nd Award (A326X) 1969
3rd Award (A326X) 1970
4th Award (AN1228) 1973

Tandem (426 4175 5) 1969
Tandem (unkn) 1971
Tandem (426 12175 9) Jan 1973
Tandem (426 17451 8) unknown

Not sure if this title was printed in 1968 with Tandem.

Later Tandem Editions

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