Friday, December 17, 2010

Madam You're Mayhem by Carter Brown

1957 Horwitz Edition
Racing is the name of the game in this Carter Brown novel from Horwitz Publications in 1957. The main character is Barney Blaine and he is racing in the Carrera Panamericana as a cover for an assignment. Barney was to go to Mexico to play secret agent. It seems a person by the name of Janet Loos was in Mexico City for a couple of months and was on to something, then disappears. Janet found a dancer by the name of Carmen Esteros and she was going to lead her to something.Fellow resident agent, Jimmy Gibson was to make inquires until her turned up dead. Barney is paired up with female racer Julie Adams. Mr Blaine spent his six week vacation last year while racing in the Mille Migla while in Europe. There seems to be a twist or two in the works as Barney works his was through the assignment. Madam You're Mayhem is the 44th entry in the Numbered Series. Barney Blaine may or may not have appeared before this title as the book hints at a previous story.

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