Monday, December 6, 2010

Death Of A Doll by Carter Brown

Death Of A Doll is interesting in that this title was written with the main character Barney Slade and then rewritten with another character by the name of Danny Boyd in 1960. Danny Boyd appears frequently through the Carter Brown Mystery Series. Anyways, the main plot of the title is that the main character accepts a movie mogul's bid to track down a wandering wanton star in Florida. Her name was Gloria Van Raven and she preferred to party on a yacht of Edward Woolrich II. Until the party got too wild with a dixieland horn player sounding a lament in a polka dotted bikini lying dead at his feet. Death Of A Doll originally was published by Horwitz in 1956 and was the 11th entry in the Numbered Series. It was republished under a slightly different form (different character) by Horwitz in 1960 in the International Edition Series with the number 21.Published as The Ever-Loving Blues in US and Canada.

1956 Edition Cover by Bernard Blackburn

International Edition 2nd Printing 1962

US/Canada Edition 1969
1st Us Edition 1961
US/Australian Double 1982
 Printing History
 Numbered Series 1956 (#11)
Reprint By Demand Series 1960 (#20)
Long Story Magazine April 1961 (#21)
International Edition 1962 (IE21) 1971 (IE70)
Signet Edition March 1961 (S1919)
Signet Edition Canada 2nd Printing January 1969 (D3722)
Signet Edition US 3rd Printing January 1969 (D3722)
Horwitz/Signet Double May 1982 (#11a) (AE1520)

Notes: The International Edition is one of a few covers layouts that were different. Horizontal vs Vertically. The Girl Who Was Possessed is another example of a different cover layout. A wrap around instead of horizontal cover. Barye Phillips painted the first Signet cover while Ron Lesser painted the latter Signet cover.

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