Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Judas Spy by William L Rhodes

The Judas Spy is the first Nick Carter Killmaster adventure written by author William L Rhodes. Rhodes was a paperback writer from the fifties and  went on to write a total of five Nick Carter adventures. He enjoyed writing for the series by and employing a lot of continuity and delved into Nick's background. As the title suggests, Mr Judas returns.

1st Award Printing                                3rd Award Printing

Mr Judas: Master spy for hire to anyone. This time the Red Chinese. A man of incredible cruelty and savagery. Torturing people at whim and killing them for sport.

Nick Carter: America's top operative, the dreaded N3. Tougher, faster, deadlier than any man, except perhaps Mr Judas. His dreaded and oldest enemy.

The Prize they fought was for the free world and the fate of hundreds of millions of lives. Their arena was Indonesia, torn apart by civil war and rebellions. Judas depended on his usual ugly crew. Nife, the man child who killed on command. Geitsch, He cared only for the huge bounty the job would bring. Muller, the ex-Nazi whose preference ran to young boys. Nick Carter had Tala. She was too beautiful to resist and too dangerous to trust.

1975 Award Edition                                 1978 Charter Reprint
1969 Tandem Edition                            1971 Tandem Reprint

Printing History
Written By William L Rhodes

US Printings
1st Award (A325X) April 1968
2nd Award (A325X) June 1969
3rd Award (A325X) March 1970
4th Award (AQ1501) December 1975

UK Printings
Tandem Edition (426 4183) 1969
1st Tandem Edition 1970
Tandem Reprint (426 5397) 1971

The first instance of this title being printed by Tandem was in 1969. Stated Second Award Printing in 1969 with the cover being printed in the United States. The copyright page on the 1970 Edition states a 1970 copyright for Tandem Publishing Ltd.

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