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Macao by Manning Lee Stokes

United Kingdom Editions
Macao or Macau was the first and last European colony in China, according to present day History.  But in 1968, it was a Portuguese colony. Macao was written by prolific writer Manning Lee Stokes. Stokes had written thirteen Nick Carter Killmaster novels to date. This is his fourteenth Nick of his 18 total written over the course of his writing for the series. 

It was killing season. A notorious London sex club owner is found butchered  to pieces. Portugal's top agent is gunned down in broad daylight on a crowded street with passersby. A two-bit private eye was knifed in the heart in Brooklyn after meddling in international espionage. This incidents all had one thing in common, Princess da Gama. Nick's assignment is to lure a Princess da Gama  into suicide and to save the United States from ultimate destruction. Princess da Gama was an international tramp with very big taste for men and drugs. She was hunted on three continents. The Portuguese wanted to force her into living death. The Red Chinese wanted to turn her into a sex puppet as a pawn in their espionage plot. The United States desperately needed her help, for she knew the man whose maniacal whim could start an international holocaust. The Princess could only run so fast before she ended in Nick's arms.

Printing History
Written By Manning Lee Stokes

1st Award (A294X) 1968
1st Tandem (T179) 1968
2nd Award (A294X) 1969
3rd Award (A294X) 1970
4th Award (A920S) 1971
5th Award (AN1099) 1972
6th Award (AN1099)  1973
7th Award (AN1099) 1974
Tandem Reprint (426 12618 1) 1975
Universal Reprint (426 1218 1) Unknown
Charter Reprint (441 51354) January 1981

Award screwed this title up. Slapping a sticker on book number 920 and calling it book number 1099. Incorrect stated printing on book number 920.

Later Award Editions

Charter Edition

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