Thursday, December 30, 2010

Murder Wears A Mantilla by Carter Brown

1957 Horwitz Edition
Mavis Seidlitz returns in Murder Wears A Mantilla. She is the dizziest blonde who ever ended up in the Tunnel of Love after buying tickets for the Big Dipper. When she is not trying to fix her clothing, either a brazier, stockings, or chemise, she is a partner in Rio Investigations. As the story goes, Mavis is South of the border on vacation. She meets one bull fighter who she thinks is the dreamiest. The next bullfighter has a knife stuck in his back. So she starts investigating up until things get out of hand.  The Black Death, 40 million pesos, The Golden Inca, people with guns. so she sends a cable to her boss, Johnny Rio. HELP.

1962 Signet First Printing                     1972 3rd Signet Printing
Murder Wears A Mantilla is the 50th entry in Horwitz's Numbered Series and was published in 1957. Horwitz also published this title under the International Edition Series #34 in 1963. This title might have been  revised and was published in United States by New American Library's imprint Signet books in February 1962.

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