Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Unorthodox Corpse by Carter Brown

Al Wheeler and a school of sexy coeds play hide and seek with a corpse who just won't stay dead

1957 First Horwitz Edition
An Al Wheeler Mystery
The corpse made his debut in the finishing schools gym astride a horse. A knife protruded from his back. Then he departs only to reappear later stretched out flat in a padded leather box. When Police Lieutenant Al Wheeler is assigned to cover a ceremony at a local stylist girls school, he walks into the strangest caper of his offbeat career. First a hired magician turns into a corpse, then a blonde coed is murdered in front of sixty witnesses.

Various Covers from Horwitz (Australia) and Signet (USA)

1961 Horwitz                                         1965 Horwitz
1961 Signet First Printing                      1970 Signet Third Printing
Printing History
Horwitz Numbered Series 1957 (#54)
Horwitz International Edition 1961 (IE #11)
Horwitz International Edition 1965 (IE #11)

United States
New American Library Signet Edition 1st Printing July 1961 (S1950)
New American Library Signet Edition 3rd Printing 1970 (P4197)

The Unorthodox Corpse was first published by Horwitz Publications in 1957 in the Numbered Series and then published again in the International Edition concurrently with the New American Library Signet edition in 1961. Cover art for the 1970 3rd Signet printing was done by Robert McGinnus.

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