Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Red Guard by Manning Lee Stokes

Three brutal killings: The first murder was a professional job, efficiently carried out by a high-price assassin. The second was a torture job, the specialty of men who knew how to prolong agony to extract information. The third was unplanned, the knife mercifully swept into the victim. Each of the killings ended the life of a top spy.
Two strange double agents: The man who sold out for money and did not care who knew about it. The girl was forced into betrayal. She had to choose between treason and satisfying the Red agent's insatiable lust.
One awesome terror filled assignment: The bloodshed and treachery added up to the unleashing of a Chinese super-bomb. A Weapon more lethal than any American or Russian have built. Its destruction was critical. A job tailor-made for Nick Carter.

Unless Nick Carter struck first, Peking's mad masters would blow up the world. And Nick was helpless without the terrified beauty whose body had to serve as his passport into the blood drenched core of China.

US book cover

Printing History
Written by Manning Lee Stokes

1st Award (A261X) 1967
1st Tandem (T155) 1967
2nd Award (A261X) 1969
3rd Award (A754S) 1970
Tandem Reprint (unknown) 1973
4th Award (AN1089) 1974
Tandem Reprint (426 12626 2) 1975
Star Reprint (352 30575 4) 1979, 1988

There is another Award reprint from 1972 with the book number AN1089. Fly sleeve incorrectly notes a 1969 copyright on the 3rd printing. Second and final appearance of Fan Su, she first appeared in Dragon Flame in 1966.

Tandem and Star Editions

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