Saturday, December 11, 2010

Caress Before Killing by Carter Brown

Dave Johnson is an assistant public relations manager of an airline company called I.A.L. The company is sponsoring a tour of Australia for some overseas journalists. There was a person named Benedict Luther who knew more dirt than anybody else. Luther was a nice person if one overlooked  the fact he was a liar, a drunk, and a debaucher. Also in attendance was a redhead, Erica Scott, and from the I.A.L. office Eileen. Fabian Vevasour was a charming old boy who should have died according to the law of averages. But the begging question is how does the public relations handbook handle a murderer who has a gun to ones back with real bullets. A murder looked possible from the time the tour started in Adelaide and was a certainty by the time it arrived in Melbourne.

1956 Horwitz Edition

Caress Before Killing was published in 1956 by Horwitz Publications and is No. 30 in the Numbered Series.

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