Saturday, January 1, 2011

Amsterdam by William L Rhodes

Nick was briefed on the incredible private espionage network that used the blond Amlie de Boer as a special courier. He was also briefed on the theft of nuclear secrets of the United States that was masterminded by Amlie's boss. Also briefed on the sleek international diamond cartel that ran a strange school for double and triple agents with Amlie's help. Only Amlie could help Nick Carter find and destroy the menace to America, if he can keep her alive. For she held the key.

1970 Award Reprint

Printing History
Written by William L Rhodes

1st Award (A366X) 1968
1st Tandem (T240) 1968
2nd Award (A628X) 1970

This the only cover used and reused. I am sure there is a later Tandem reprint but have not found it yet.


  1. The cover artist is Jeff Jones, who did a few other covers like The Burning Court (John Dickson Carr) and Conjure Wife (Fritz Leiber) for Award around this time.

  2. Thanks for the info. Now I know of three cover artists for the series.