Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Ambassador's Plot by Stephen Frances

John Gail Spy Chiller

A deadly new twist to the game of espionage, blackmail, and seduction. 
A high speed journey into terror and sudden death for British agent John Gail.

John Gail's new assignment focused on a highly respected, silver-haired British diplomat. It began with blackmail, with the help of a sealed camera, a two-way mirror, a vial of aphrodisiac, and a beautiful 15 year old who had a secret arsenal of erotic talents.

The mission was planned to block a power play in Paris and prevent Europe from exploding into war. It seemed fool-proof. But only a fool would trust a school girl when the fate of nations are at stake.

Printing History
Written by Stephen Frances

Award A570X 1970
Formerly titled The Sad And Tender Flesh.

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