Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Vulcan Disaster by George Warren

The microfilm was missing.
Already more than a dozen men had been brutally murdered for it.
And Nick Carter was scheduled to be next.

Around the world....on the trail of murder

It was the last days of the war, and in the middle of the bloodshed Nick has to find a man named Walter Corbin. And the roll of microfilm. He found his man just in time to see his head scattered into a million pieces. 

Hong Kong
The trail from sampan city, where silence was safety, to a series of brutal, vicious murders, Nick Carter Killmaster was certain of one thing. The organization behind those killings had more at stake than roll of film.

Nick needed an update from Hawk. He called the States, but AXE had vanished! Free to die in Hong Kong gutter while powerful men made plans for global revenge!

Printing History
Written by George Warren

Award AQ 1600 1976

Noteworthy cover: Sybil Pincus, editor for Award Books, her successor Peter Titus, and Award employee Tony Puzo (Mario Puzo's son) all posed for the cover.

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