Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Death Message: Oil 74-2 by Dee Stuart and Ansel Chapin

Nick Carter had only three hours to solve the deadly riddle. And he had been stripped of his weapons, gagged, and tied in a neat package for night deposit. In the middle of the Caribbean!

Award Edition
The balance of death
Wide-eyed idealist streamed to the Caribbean from all over the world to march to the ecology and "save the world" banner. And OIL, the Organization for Industrial Limitation, signed them up and told them exactly what to do!

It seemed harmless enough until AXE agent James Casey was found murdered on a Trinidad beach. The message traced in the sand by his trembling fingers read: OIL 74-2......

Universal Edition
Printing History
Written by Dee Stuart and Ansel Chapin

Award AQ1559 1976
Universal 426 18948 1978

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