Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Turncoat by Leon Lazarus

Wanted: Gregor Salobin
Political Defector
Russian Scientist
Missing Person

Universal Edition
In Salobin's head was enough information to keep the United States on top of the Soviets for years. Salobin had been feeding the CIA until things got too hot in Russia and he slipped over the border into Turkey, boarding a train for Istanbul. But he never arrived. Washington got  a note: Send a man to Beirut to meet a two-bit hood named Rafei. Rafei would take Nick Carter to where Salobin was being held prisoner. But someone else knew about the meeting. Someone who was planning an ambush that would eliminate Nick and the most important Russian defector in ten years. In a single burst of machine gun fire!!

Printing History
Written by Leon Lazarus

Award AQ 1581 1976
Universal 426 18518 1978

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